Auto Accident

What Keeps Us Up at Night

by Cary Graham | May 22nd, 2017

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, we help a lot of folks in Norfolk get the compensation they deserve after serious car accidents. It’s a good feeling knowing that the people who come through our doors get our very best and often walk out again in a much better place. What keeps us up at night are the thousands of injured folks in Virginia who are trying to deal with the insurance company on their own, without the help of an experienced car accident attorney.

In our experience, accident victims who go it alone will receive significantly less compensation for their injuries, which can put their families in a real financial crisis.

The good news is there may still be time to do it right. Unless you’ve signed a settlement agreement from the insurance company, we still may be able to pull you and your family out of this situation. But you have to call us immediately. Our experienced Norfolk car accident attorneys will fully investigate your accident and deal with the insurance company on your behalf to get you maximum compensation for your injuries. Don’t risk your financial future by going it alone. Contact us today.

Car Accidents Have a Story to Tell

by Cary Graham | May 1st, 2017

After a crash that wasn’t your fault, the accident scene has a story to tell, and it has two sides–your’s and the at-fault driver’s. Which side do you want on the record when settling your injury claim? That question has an obvious answer, but it needs to be asked nevertheless. If you decide to go through the injury claim process without an experienced Norfolk car accident lawyer by your side, you may end up paying for the mistakes of others. Do you think you can prove what really happened on the road that day? Better yet, do you think you could prove it in a court of law?

Securing a personal injury lawyer to help with you injury claim is all about minimizing risk. The simple reality is you’re in no shape to put up the kind of fight necessary to get what you deserve. An experienced Norfolk car accident attorney and investigative team know how to reach beyond the accident report and uncover the truth for all to see. That’s an important part of maximizing your injury claim, which is why you should give us a call immediately if you’ve been injured.

A car accident attorney from Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers can offer free, no obligation consultations to every injury victim in Norfolk. Why? Because we know how important it is to your family’s future that you have the legal help you need from day one. Call us today for your free consultation, and let us help you start putting your life back together.

Car Accident? It’s Time to Take a Stand

by Cary Graham | April 10th, 2017

For those lucky enough to survive a serious car accident, a sense of “what might have happened?” always lingers. Would I have survived if they had been going 5 mph faster? What if I hadn’t braked when I did? Could I have lost so much more? These are frightening thoughts, especially considering the injuries you did sustain. Make no mistake, you’ve survived a life-threatening accident, and the person who caused it could have taken your life or the lives of those in your vehicle.

That’s an important point to remember when considering whether or not you should file a personal injury lawsuit for your injuries. By doing so, you’re taking a stand for yourself, your family, and other drivers on the road who could be injured or killed next time by the same driver. It needs to be stated loud and clear that driving while distracted, driving aggressively, or under the influence is not welcome in Norfolk. You do that by calling an experienced lawyer to defend your rights, and that’s exactly what we do at Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers.

If you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence, call an experienced Norfolk car accident attorney today. We’ll hold the responsible party accountable for their carelessness and fight to get you maximum compensation for your injuries. You can’t afford to go this alone. Contact us today.

What You Need to Understand about the Insurance Industry

by Cary Graham | March 13th, 2017

How do insurance companies make billions of dollars in profit every year? It’s simple math. They take in more insurance premiums than they pay out in claims. How do they do that? By running millions of dollars in ads that get you to sign up while denying or minimizing claims that come in. As long as they keep that scale tipping in their favor, the profits continue to roll in.

The thing you need to understand about the insurance industry is that although their marketing efforts center on how they’ll protect you in the event of an accident, your insurance company is a business first. Altruism is far from their first motivation. In fact, from the moment your accident occurs, you become a liability to them. In business speak, you get moved to accounts payable, meaning they owe you money. It’s in their best interests to minimize your claim, and they’ve become really good at it.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, don’t try to take on the insurance company alone. Call a Norfolk car accident attorney at Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers for a free consultation. We’ve been dealing with insurance companies for more than 30 years. We know what your case is worth, and we’ll fight to get you every dollar you deserve. Contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation.

Maximizing Your Car Accident Injury Claim Isn’t Automatic

by Cary Graham | February 13th, 2017

Most every vehicle out on the road today has certain standard safety features, such as airbags and seatbelts. These features are intended to do one thing: save your life in the event of an accident. They don’t require you to hit a button at just the right time or speak any command out loud at the moment of impact. They simply do their job when the time comes.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a device or service that automatically saved your financial future after an accident? Moments following your accident, this revolutionary technology would already be calculating what your accident is going to cost you and negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf to secure that amount. That would truly be incredible. Unfortunately, no such technology exists. But a Norfolk car accident attorney at Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers can help.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, give us a call for a free consultation. We’ll fully investigate your case to determine the true worth of your accident and fight to get you every penny you deserve. Contact our law firm today for your free, no obligation consultation. If we believe we can help, we’ll do so at no cost to you until we get you money.

Car Accident? Choose Calculation over Chance

by Cary Graham | January 23rd, 2017

We’re not big gamblers at Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers. We’ll always choose calculation over chance. That’s why if we take on your case, you can be sure we believe we’re going to win. How can we be so confident? Experience. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of car accident victims in Norfolk get the compensation they deserve. We know how the system works. We know how the insurance companies work. And we know how to maximize your injury claim.

If you’ve been in an accident, you shouldn’t gamble either. In our opinion, taking on the insurance company alone is the equivalent of rolling the dice on your future. You don’t know what your case is worth or what your accident is going to cost you. So how can you know if the insurance company’s offer is going to cover all of your expenses? The answer is you can’t. And if you take that low settlement, chances are you’ll regret it down the road when the money runs out but the bills just keep on coming.

Make the right choice instead. Call an experienced Norfolk car accident attorney for a free consultation. We want to uncover the true cause of your accident and fight to get you maximum compensation for your injuries. Your future is too important to risk it on a roll of the dice. Call our law firm today, and we’ll start working immediately to get you the compensation you deserve.

The Hammer Reputation

by Cary Graham | December 27th, 2016

Folks in Norfolk know Lowell Stanley as The Hammer. He got that reputation from being hard on insurance companies that try to take advantage of car accident victims in our community. It’s not right, and Lowell Stanley won’t stand for it. Clients of our firm appreciate that hard-hitting reputation because it often means more money for their injuries and the satisfaction of knowing that they’ll get what they deserve. Insurance companies are less appreciative, because it means they have to pay what an injury claim is worth, not what’s best for their bottom line.

We’ve had a really good year at the firm thanks to the confidence the injured people of Norfolk have put in our firm, and we want to say thank you to every client who has come through our doors. Though the work is far from being done. Every day we hear of serious car accidents taking place in Virginia, and you can bet we’ll be there, ready to step in if it ever happens to you.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident, give us a call today for a free consultation. We’ll review your case at no cost or obligation to you. That’s our promise. Take the right next step and give Lowell Stanley a call now.

Car Accidents Can Lead to Bankruptcy

by Cary Graham | December 5th, 2016

Tis’ the season to be shopping. Whether you go the traditional route and frequent one of Norfolk’s many stores or complete all your shopping online, one thing is certain: you’re going to spend some money this December. Most folks enjoy giving, so the strain on their pocketbook isn’t an issue. However, there are plenty in our community that won’t be buying presents this year, as they’re just struggling to get by after a car accident. Thankfully, there are firms like Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers that are doing their part to make sure Norfolk car accident victims’ situations improve in the New Year.

Did you know the number one cause of bankruptcy in the U.S. is medical bills? As personal injury lawyers, that statistic hits close to home. For Norfolk car accident victims, medical bills will probably be the largest financial obstacle to overcome during their recovery. However, getting the money they need to pay those bills isn’t as easy as calling the insurance company. The insurance company is going to pay as little as possible for your injuries, not what you deserve. That’s why you need an experienced lawyer on your side, fighting to get you every dollar you need to make a full recovery.

If you or someone you love was injured in a car accident, give our firm a call immediately. An experienced Norfolk car accident attorney can stand up for your rights to compensation and make the insurance company play fair. After your accident, don’t go into financial debt you may not recover from. Call us instead.

The Truth About Jackpot Justice

by Cary Graham | November 21st, 2016

Over the years, personal injury law has gotten a bad reputation as a way to turn an injury into millions of dollars. They call it “jackpot justice.” Although a catchy phrase, it’s a complete fallacy created by industries and insurance companies that don’t want to pay injury victims the money they deserve. The truth is our justice system protects both parties from extreme verdicts, and although it’s not perfect, it’s pretty effective.

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, we’ve secured very large settlements for our clients, and they deserved every penny. However, we don’t approach a case asking how much money we can squeeze out of the opposition. We approach our cases by asking how much our client needs to fully recover from their injuries, and that’s the amount of money we go after. If we feel you deserve a million dollars, that’s what we’ll aim for.

If you’ve been injured, call an experienced Roanoke car accident attorney. We know how to determine what your case is worth, and we’ll fight hard to get you every dollar you deserve. Don’t wait to get the help you need. Contact us today for your free consultation.

2 Reasons We’re So Successful

by Cary Graham | October 24th, 2016

We talk a lot about getting our clients maximum results in the least amount of time. But what does that mean for the average client of Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers? Well, most of our injury claim cases are settled outside of court, saving our clients a lengthy and sometimes grueling trial. We’re able to negotiate these fair settlements so quickly for two reasons.

First, our law firm takes tremendous care in calculating exactly what your accident is going to truly cost you and your family. Your injury claim is about more than your current medical expenses. You deserve compensation for any future medical costs, lost wages, and less tangible costs, such as pain and suffering. We work as quickly as possible to come to that compensation number, and we’ll do everything within our power to get you every penny.

Second, Lowell Stanley’s reputation for not backing down lets the insurance companies know that if they refuse to play fair, we’re not afraid to take them to court. Although we’d prefer to settle outside of the courtroom for the client’s sake, we’ve won large verdicts in the past from insurance companies who thought we were bluffing—a mistake they don’t make twice.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, get the expertise and experience you need to get maximum compensation for your claim. Call our Norfolk car accident attorneys today for a free consultation. Let us fight to get you maximum compensation in the least amount of time.