3 Steps to Take After an Auto Accident

by actuate | November 12th, 2018

Auto accidents can be overwhelming, traumatic, and painful. Many victims suffer injuries that require immediate and prolonged medical care, and they may be too disabled to return to work for months or even years.

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, our Norfolk car accident lawyers have helped many people just like you after crashes that weren’t their fault. In our years of experience, we’ve found that the minutes, hours, and days after accidents are vital for victims for both their physical and financial recoveries.

Taking the following three steps after your accident can help you protect your health and your rights to compensation:

  1. Call 911—Calling 911 accomplishes two important things: it dispatches a police officer who will file an official police report of the crash, and it dispatches emergency responders who can treat you and other victims and transport you to the hospital.
  2. Get medical attention—It’s important to see a doctor or go to the hospital after a crash, even if you don’t think you were seriously injured or you were already treated by emergency responders. Getting treated at a clinic or hospital creates a record of your injuries and helps rule out dangerous complications.
  3. Contact a lawyer—The insurance company doesn’t want to pay you the money you deserve, and the longer you wait to get a lawyer, the bigger of an advantage they will have. Evidence can disappear, statutes of limitations can expire, and the insurance company will grow more skeptical of your claim the longer you wait to file a claim with a lawyer at your side.

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