Be Careful When You Talk About Your Auto Accident

by actuate | July 30th, 2018

Car accidents are painful, stressful, and often traumatic for victims. It’s natural to want to share your experience with others, including your coworkers, the insurance adjuster, and even your social media friends and followers.

But it’s important to remember that insurance companies are always looking for ways to reduce or deny payments to victims like you. The adjusters that work for insurers will go to great lengths to collect evidence that implicates people who file compensation claims for their own accidents.

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, our Norfolk car accident attorneys know how invasive adjusters can be, and they often twist victims’ words and use them against them.

You can protect your rights by keeping these rules of thumb in mind:

  • Stick to the facts when talking to the adjuster—Insurance adjusters often seem friendly on the phone or in person, but they’re often looking for direct or indirect statements that indicate fault for crashes. If you haven’t hired an attorney yet, stick to the facts when talking to the adjuster. Otherwise, let your lawyer handle all communication with the insurance company.
  • Don’t post about your accident or injury claim on social media—Social media posts can be saved forever and even used as evidence in claims and court cases. Keep all information or opinions concerning your accident and your case off social media to make it that much harder for the insurance company to deny you the money you deserve.

When you call us, we’ll do everything we can to maximize your chances of getting the money you deserve—and that includes advising you on what to do and talking to the insurance company on your behalf. Contact us today for a free consultation.