Are You on the Insurance Company’s List?

by actuate | April 25th, 2016

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, we love making lists. There’s just nothing like writing out everything you have to do and systematically knocking them out. Every time you cross an item off, it’s a small victory. Insurance companies love lists too, but instead of things they need to do, their lists consist of names, and if you’ve been in an accident, you better believe your name is already on there.

We’ve mentioned before on this blog that insurance companies can process more than 35,000 claims a day, but that statement seems a little cold and isn’t completely accurate, so let’s restate it a different way. Insurance companies can process more than 35,000 people a day.

Take Bill who was rear-ended by a distracted driver. Bill is going to have serious neck problems for the next several years, and will eventually need surgery to relieve the pain. All told, his medical bills are going to be over $100,000. It’s in the insurance company’s best interests to cross Bill off their list as quickly as possible to avoid paying for all his medical treatment, and they might if Bill doesn’t get a lawyer on his side.

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, we know how the big insurance companies operate. We don’t let them cross our clients off their lists until they’ve paid them every penny they deserve for their injuries. If you’ve been injured, call our experienced Norfolk car accident attorneys today for a free consultation and put our experience to work for you.