Sailors In Norfolk Receive Message About The Dangers Of Impaired Driving

by actuate | December 10th, 2012

December 10, 2012

Impaired driving is the leading cause of fatal motor vehicle accidents in the United States, yet is completely preventable. George Burch relayed that message to roughly 3,000 sailors at a program that was part of Naval Station Norfolk’s Safety Standown campaign.

According to the Suffolk News Herald, Burch is a retired sailor and police officer that currently works as a prosecutor in Suffolk County. Mothers Against Drunk Driving, who sponsored the event, thought Burch’s past experience could make him a voice of reason in the importance of staying off the road if impaired. He also explained how impairment isn’t necessarily just from alcohol either, as illicit drugs and some over-the-counter medications can also affect one’s ability to make good judgments behind the wheel.

Mr. Burch’s speech included anecdotes about the roughly 20 fatalities and more than 300 arrests he has been involved in that were the result of drunk driving and was quick to point out that such arrests potentially save thousands of lives each year.

Burch added that if one sailor remembers and abides to what he said, he has made a significant impact.

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