Cyclists Have the Right to Our Roads

by actuate | July 10th, 2017

Our roads and highways aren’t for cars alone. Sometimes Norfolk drivers forget that, putting pedestrians and bicyclists in harm’s way. The reality is cyclists have the same rights to our roads as auto drivers do. When those rights are compromised by a negligent driver, the results can be devastating.

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, we’ve seen the damage a careless driver can do to a cyclist. Other than their helmets, they have zero protection from a crash–no seat belt, steel framing, or airbags. If you hit a cyclist, there is a good chance you will take their life. We’ve seen it happen multiple times over the years, which is why we encourage every bicycle accident victim to hold negligent drivers responsible for their actions. That means securing a lawyer as soon as possible following your accident to protect your rights and go after every dollar you deserve.

If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, call an experienced personal injury lawyer at our firm today for a free consultation. We’ll go after maximum compensation for your injuries, including medical expenses, lost wages, and more. You should be compensated for what you’ve been through. Call us today for your free consultation.