3 Common Types of Birth Injuries

by actuate | May 7th, 2018

Birth injuries are devastating for families, especially when they happen because of healthcare providers’ negligence. Women who are going into labor rightfully expect the absolute best care possible when they travel to hospitals to give birth, but they don’t always get the attention and consideration they deserve.

Whether doctors and other medical professionals are distracted, careless, poorly trained, or even acting maliciously, babies and their mothers can be harmed before, during, and after labor by the people they trust the most during this vulnerable time.

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, our Norfolk birth injury lawyers have helped families who have been affected by a variety of birth injuries, including:

  1. Cerebral palsy—Cerebral palsy affects movement and motor function, and it’s caused by abnormal brain development. It can be caused by birth injuries due to oxygen deprivation during delivery, exposure to in-utero injections, head injuries during childbirth, and undiagnosed or untreated brain bleeding and infections.
  2. Erb’s palsy—Similar to cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy also affects movement throughout the body, but it’s caused by damaged nerves in the arms. It can be caused by the stretching or unnatural movements of babies’ necks during delivery.
  3. Uterine rupture—Mothers can also suffer serious birth injuries. Uterine ruptures can occur during delivery, and it’s up to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals present during delivery to monitor and treat this condition if it occurs.

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