Birth Injury? You Need Experienced Legal Representation.

by actuate | February 12th, 2018

Finding out that your precious newborn child was harmed by a doctor or healthcare professional before, during, or after delivery is devastating. Because infants are so vulnerable, even minor mistakes and oversights can result in lifelong health problems and complications.

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, our Norfolk birth injury lawyers are here to help the families of children who were victims of negligent healthcare providers and suffered broken bones or developed serious health problems like cerebral palsy, shoulder dystocia, or Erb’s palsy.

We know that you may be reluctant to pursue a claim against the doctor who helped delivery your baby or the hospital where the birth took place, especially if you’ve never needed a lawyer before.

An experienced legal team can handle all of the details of the claim while you spend time with your child and your family. You can count on a birth injury lawyer to:

  • Prove the birth injury occurred – We’ll collect evidence that leaves no doubt that your child was harmed before, during, or after delivery at the hospital.
  • Prove the birth injury was due to negligence – It’s not enough to just prove that the injury happened, and that’s why we continue collecting evidence until we can conclusively link your child’s injury or health problems to a provider’s carelessness.

Going up against a hospital or other healthcare facility requires experience and resources—and we want to help. We aren’t afraid of a fight, and we’ll do everything we can to maximize your chances of getting compensation. Call today for a free consultation.