Seeking Compensation for Brain Injuries

by actuate | November 20th, 2017

The human body is remarkably resilient and capable of healing from a variety of serious illnesses and injuries. But head injuries can be a different story. When a person’s brain is injured in an accident, the chances of recovery may be remote. Even people with minor brain injuries may experience profound changes in mood, personality, and behavior, while people with severe brain injuries may lose the ability to work, live independently, or even interact with others.

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, we know the devastation that brain injuries can cause entire families—especially when families depend on the victim emotionally and financially.

When we take on brain injury cases, we fight to help victims and their families recover compensation for:

  • Medical bills – The cost of treating a brain injury can be more than many families can afford—even with health insurance. Expenses like surgeries, CT scans, and prolonged hospital stays can add up.
  • Lost wages – People who suffer brain injuries may lose the ability to do their jobs. They may even lose the ability to work altogether. That can leave their loved ones in a financial bind.

Whether your loved one’s brain injury occurred in a car accident, bicycle accident, motorcycle accident, or because of any other negligent act, our Norfolk brain injury lawyers want to fight for your rights to compensation. Call today for a free consultation—we’re here to help.