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Swimming Safety Should Be A Priority In Virginia This Summer

by los | June 18th, 2012

June 18, 2012

With one man drowning over Father’s Day weekend while saving his grandson from rip currents and unsafe swimming conditions at local beaches, WVEC 13 News and a local pediatrician are offering summer swimming safety tips in an effort to better protect children from the dangers of water and prevent a Norfolk Wrongful Death.

Dr. Vickey Leff, from the Children’s’ Hospital of the King’s Daughters, says the first thing you should look at is the weather before swimming. If there are high surf advisories or rip currents, consider changing the plans if you have young children. It’s also important to get out of the water immediately if you see lightning. You should not return to the water until 30 minutes has passed without seeing or hearing lightning and thunder.

Dr. Leff also suggests making sure older children are excellent swimmers before letting them venture into deep water. If you do let your child go into deep water, make sure they have a swimming buddy and that there is also plenty of adult supervision.

When kids get out of the water, make sure they wear plenty of sunscreen and watch out for signs of dehydration or heat-related illness.

The Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyers with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley say that your trip to the pool or beach will have a significantly decreased chance of someone being hurt if you follow these simple safety tips.

Gardasil Still Being Marketed Despite Thousands Of Problem Reports

by los | May 21st, 2012

May 21, 2012

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is issuing statements that urge not only teenage girls to receive human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines, but boys as well. According to statistics from the agency, more than half of all sexually active individuals will be infected with HPV at some point in their lives.

In 2006, doctors began recommending the vaccine to girls between the ages of 11 and 12-years-old receive the vaccine as the virus has been linked to certain types of cancers. After research results were released earlier this year that found that nearly 7 percent of American teens carry HPV and that men are three times more likely than women to be carriers, the CDC began recommending that boys receive the vaccination as well.

With an increase in the number of individuals being vaccinated, the number of patients suffering from adverse effects also increased. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says that one drug in particular, Gardasil®, has been linked to more than 12,000 reports of individuals developing autoimmune diseases, blood clots, and even dying. Other serious problems associated with the drug include:

  • blindness,
  • paralysis,
  • heart attack or stroke,
  • rheumatoid arthritis,
  • and lupus.

Gardasil lawsuits are being filed to help those who were injured by a drug manufacturer’s negligence. If you have suffered medical complications after taking Gardasil®, the Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyers with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley may be able to help you.

Virginia Logger Killed In On-The-Job Accident

by los | March 12th, 2012

March 12, 2012

The Virginia Department of Labor is investigating an on-the-job accident that left a logger dead in New Kent County Thursday morning. According to reports from WVEC 13 News, the accident happened near the New Kent Highway near Quinton, Virginia, just west of Tunstall Road.

The New Kent County Sheriff’s Department, along with fire and rescue squads, reported receiving a call from a man who was screaming for help in the area. By the time they arrived at the scene, it was too late, as they found the body of the victim pinned beneath a large limb of a tree.

They were able to determine that the body was that of a 61-year-old Brodnax man who owned his own tree service. They believe he was working alone in the area when the large branch fell and crushed him.

The combination of heavy equipment, powerful tools, heavy ropes and cables, and the uncertain nature of the work can cause even the most experienced loggers to become seriously injured. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that the fatality rate for loggers in the U.S. is over 16 times higher than the overall fatality rate for all other workers in the U.S. in 2008. The findings have led to stiffer industry safety regulations in recent years.

The Virginia Wrongful Death Lawyers with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley would like to send their condolences to the family of the victim of this tragic accident.

Man Loses Leg In South Richmond, Virginia, Motorcycle Crash

by los | March 5th, 2012

March 5, 2012

A motorcyclist was severely injured after being involved in a two-vehicle crash in South Richmond, Virginia, Thursday evening. According to reports from The Richmond Times-Dispatch, the accident happened at 10:02 p.m. at the intersection of Patsy Ann Drive and Broad Rock Boulevard.

A spokesman for the Richmond Police Department, Captain Paul Kiniry, stated that the vehicle was pulling out onto Broad Rock Boulevard when the driver failed to give right of way to a passing motorcycle, causing the motorcyclist to fall off the bike and slide across the asphalt.

The driver and a female passenger on the bike were taken to VC Medical Center where the driver underwent immediate surgery. The driver of the motorcycle lost a leg as a result of the crash. The passenger was treated for several minor contusions and lacerations and was later released. The driver of the other vehicle that was involved did not require hospitalization.

Kiniry added that the motorcyclists’ lives may have very well been saved by the fact that they were wearing helmets at the time the accident occurred. Virginia law requires that all riders wear a helmet and other protective gear.

The Virginia Motorcycle Accident Attorneys with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley cannot reiterate enough how important it is to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. Not only could it save your life, but it could also affect the outcome of a personal injury lawsuit if you are injured.

Restaurant Owner Who Served Underage Patrons Before Fatal Crash Charged

by los | February 28th, 2012

February 27, 2012

The owner of a restaurant in Norfolk, Virginia, has been charged by the Virginia Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission with serving underage and intoxicated patrons just minutes before a fatal crash claimed the life of a 20-year-old man. According to reports from The MetroWest Daily News, the accident happened on October 11, 2010 around 9:30 p.m. at 45 Holliston Street, a short distance from the restaurant.

Reports indicate that the man and two other underage patrons were served between seven and ten drinks from 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. The patrons then got into a 2005 Dodge Ram Pickup and drove away. Moments later, the vehicle struck a curb and a tree before rolling several times and landing in front of a local middle school. Two of the victims, including the young man who died at the scene, were not wearing seatbelts and were ejected from the vehicle.

The other ejected victim survived after receiving treatment at the UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worchester for bleeding in her brain, a fractured eye socket and nose, and a broken collarbone, ribs, pelvis, and spine.

Virginia state law allows for restaurant owners and servers to be charged with crimes, and they can be held liable if a patron of their establishment is invoed in an accident after drinking.

The Virginia Auto Accident Attorneys with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley express their condolences to the families of those involved in this crash.

Snowy Weather Causes Thousands Of Accidents Across Virginia

by los | February 20th, 2012

February 20, 2012

With snow falling across the state of Virginia, state police say they are overwhelmed with accident calls. According to reports from WTKR Channel 3 News, police have responded to approximately 1,000 calls in the last two days.

A spokesman for Virginia State Police, Sgt. Thomas Molnar, said emergency crews have responded to 881 crashes and 456 disabled vehicles in the past 48 hours, and that 230 of those calls came from the Richmond area. Troopers added that they responded to roughly 40 crashes in Metro Richmond.

The high number of accidents has prompted the Virginia Department of Transportation to offer the following tips to drivers:

  • Make sure your vehicle is ready for winter. Be sure to check your:
    • brakes and tires,
    • battery and ignition system,
    • antifreeze and thermostat,
    • windshield wipers and de-icing washer fluid,
    • headlights, tail and brake lights, blinkers and emergency flashers,
    • exhaust system, heater and defroster,
    • and oil.
  • Leave early and know the conditions for the roads you‘ll be on.
  • Keep windows, mirrors, and lights free from snow.
  • Always wear your seatbelt.
  • Start out in the lowest gear possible.
  • Keep a safe distance behind other vehicles and trucks that are plowing the road.
  • Don’t pass a snowplow or spreader unless necessary. Treat these as you would emergency response vehicles.

The Virginia Car Accident Lawyers with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley hope that these driving safety tips help keep motorists safe during the winter.

New Regulations Will Hopefully Improve Safety Along Virginia Highways

by los | February 13th, 2012

February 13, 2012

Lawmakers are trying to tighten safety regulations for drivers here in the United States. Two separate reports from News Channel 3 say that representatives and senators from around the country are considering several ways of keeping drivers safer on the road, including a nationwide ban on texting and driving and stricter requirements for DUI offenders who are allowed to drive.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) will go before a New York State Senate committee this week to testify that distractions stemming from handheld devices, especially texting, have been found to be contributing factors in a growing number of transportation accidents over the last 10 years. The bill would make it illegal to operate handheld devices, except in emergency situations, while behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Virginia lawmakers are also considering passing a new ruling that would require all DUI offenders to have ignition interlock systems installed on their vehicles. The devices require a user to have their blood alcohol content measured before their vehicle will start. Then, the device requires the driver be tested sporadically while the vehicle is in motion.

The Virginia car accident lawyers with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley hope that the new rules will make the state’s highways for all drivers who choose to utilize them. They agree that refraining from drinking and distracted driving significantly cuts lowers the chances a driver will be involved in an accident.

Child Ejected From Car In Virginia Crash

by los | February 6th, 2012

February 6, 2012

The importance of having your child in a safety or booster seat at all times in the car was shown last Thursday when two children were injured in a crash. According to reports from The Virginia Gazette, the accident happened at around 4:30 PM in the intersection of Hampton Highway and Yorktown Road.

Reports from Virginia State Police say that the 35-year-old father of the injured children did not have the kids properly restrained in safety or booster seats when he ran his 2001 Chevy Malibu through a red light and collided with Chevrolet Sienna. The impact caused the 2-year-old child to be ejected from the vehicle.

Both children were taken to Riverside Hospital to be treated for serious injuries they sustained in the crash.

Under Virginia state law, all children under the age of eight years old must be ride in an approved safety or booster seat when in a moving vehicle. The law is vital in protecting Virginia’s children, as research has shown that seat belts are designed to protect adults, not children, in case of an accident. The belts may be too large to properly restrain a child if a crash were to occur.

The Virginia auto accident attorneys with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley ask that all Virginians do their part to keep their children safe by always buckling them into a child safety or booster seat when riding in the car.

Drunk Driver Responsible For Hitting Man And Three Kids In Virginia Beach

by los | January 23rd, 2012

January 23, 2012

A suspected drunk driver was in court twice today after being involved in a pedestrian accident last Thursday in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Reports from WAVY-TV 10 News indicate that the accident happened at around 7:40 AM at the corner of Chester Street and Paladin Drive.

The Virginia Beach police department indicate that a school bus was stopped at the corner with its lights on and stop sign out as children loaded on. The adult male victim was walking his niece, son, and daughter to the bus when a truck hopped the curb, drove across the driveway, and into the front lawn to avoid hitting the stopped bus. In the process, the driver hit the man and all three children.

All four victims were taken to an area hospital where the young boy remains in critical condition. The father and other children are still listed in stable condition.

The driver, who has a history of drug and alcohol related offenses, was taken into custody after failing a sobriety test and was held without bond over the weekend. The driver remains in jail after a bond hearing earlier this morning.

The Virginia auto accident attorneys with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley believe that a victim of an accident should not be responsible for medical bills that come from an injury caused by another person’s negligence. That is why they would encourage you to contact an attorney immediately if you have been injured in a drunk driving accident.

First Lady Announces In Battling Brain Injuries In Soldiers

by los | January 16th, 2012

January 16, 2012

With the war in Iraq officially coming to an end just weeks ago, many soldiers returning home are suffering undiagnosed brain injuries. In an effort to combat the growing problem, WAVY-TV 10 News reports that First Lady Michelle Obama announced a partnership last Wednesday that will promote and cultivate better prevention and care of traumatic brain injuries for soldiers.

Among the most common mental injuries in soldiers is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a severe anxiety disorder that develops after experiencing a traumatic event.

Dr. Serina Neumann, a doctor at the Eastern Virginia School of Medicine, hopes that her study into better care for PTSD sufferers may benefit from the partnership. She says that PTSD is caused by off-balance circuits in the brain.  This led her to conduct ground-breaking research and produce a device she hopes will become a standard in treatment of the disorder.

The device stimulates certain sections of the brain, thus balancing the off-balance circuits of a PTSD victim’s brain. If approved, her study will begin with 10 to 18 patients.

The Department of Veterans Affairs reports 10-18 percent of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans may suffer from PTSD. However, claims from veterans for disability benefits due to the condition are often denied.

The Virginia Veteran’s Disability attorneys with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley understand that suffering from PTSD can be as debilitating as losing a leg or an arm. If you have been denied veterans disability benefits, contact them today for a free initial consultation.