Workers’ Compensation

We’ve Got the Experience You Need for Your Workers’ Compensation Application

by actuate | November 7th, 2022

As Virginia workers’ compensation lawyers, we can tell you firsthand that getting approved for benefits after a work-related injury is rarely easy. The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission (VWCC) intentionally makes it difficult for workers to get approved to help reduce the risk of fraudulent claims, but in doing so, it causes many valid applications to fall through the cracks.

Why is it difficult? The biggest reason is because of how many forms need to be filled out and how closely the VWCC scrutinizes them. When it finds a single missing piece of information or questionable answer, it can put the brakes on your application. The best-case scenario at this point is that your application—and benefits—are halted for weeks or months, and the worst-case scenario is the VWCC denying your claim altogether.

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, we help injured workers build their applications from the ground up from day one. It’s our goal to help our clients avoid delays and denials as much as possible. Because we know exactly what the VWCC looks for when it reviews claims, we can significantly reduce the chances that it finds anything that might raise the alarm on your claim and result in more scrutiny and a longer time of your family not receiving benefits.

Contact us today for a free consultation. We have decades of experience building successful Virginia workers’ compensation applications, and we know how to expedite the process to get the money you’re owed into your bank account as quickly as possible.

Let Us Help You Build and File Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

by actuate | August 29th, 2022

Workers’ compensation gives injured workers a lifeline when they get injured on the job and can’t earn the paychecks they and their loved ones depend on. And while the requirements for getting workers’ compensation seem simple—suffer an on-the-job injury or illness that results in medical bills and/or lost wages—many injured workers see their claims denied.

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission (VWCC) has strict requirements when reviewing and approving claims, and it’s common for first-time applicants to be denied. Reasons for claim denials can range from missing forms and incomplete paperwork to a lack of evidence and missed deadlines. It can be hard to keep up with all of the requirements for filing a successful claim, especially when you’re stressed and in pain after getting hurt at work.

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, our Virginia workers’ compensation lawyers have many years of experience building claims for injured workers, and we know what the VWCC looks for when reviewing claims. When you contact us, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that your claim is in experienced hands. In addition to ensuring that no errors jeopardize your claim, we can also use our knowledge of the VWCC to get your claim approved faster, which means less time waiting for benefits to kick in.

Contact us today for a free consultation if you or someone you love was injured at work. It’s our goal to help you get the workers’ compensation benefits you’re owed.

Injured at Work but Your Employer Doesn’t Have Workers’ Compensation? We Can Help.

by actuate | April 18th, 2022

Almost all employers in Virginia required to have valid workers’ compensation insurance. However, not all of them. In an effort to save money, some employers forgo workers’ compensation coverage.

When their employees get hurt on the job, they may worry that they are out of luck when it comes to getting benefits for their medical bills and lost wages. However, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation (VWCC) Commission has an Uninsured Employer’s Fund (UEF) that is designed to provide benefits to injured workers whose employers either didn’t buy coverage or allowed their policies to lapse.

It’s important to note that just because you are eligible for compensation through the uninsured fund doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to get it. All workers’ compensation claims run the risk of being denied, and it’s often because of minor oversights and errors.

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, our Virginia workers’ compensation lawyers know how the system works and what the VWCC looks for in claims, whether they are standard claims from injured workers whose employers have coverage or UEF claims. Our years of experience handling a variety of workers’ compensation claims means we know how to not only improve our clients’ chances of approval, but also how to get their claims approved more quickly than if they go it alone.

Contact us today for a free consultation. Workers’ compensation is complex, and there are many roadblocks between injured workers like you and the benefits you’re owed. Let us put our experience to work for you.

We Work Hard to Help Injured Patients Get Maximum Compensation

by actuate | April 11th, 2022

Doctors are supposed to be as diligent, detail-oriented, and careful as possible when treating their patients. But all doctors make mistakes. However, some of those mistakes are due to carelessness and negligence.

When it comes to filing medical malpractice claims after negligence causes illness or injury, patients often face two major hurdles. First, they have to prove that their poor outcome was due to negligence and not a rare but possible complication. Second, they have to break through the defenses set up by their doctors, hospitals, and the insurance companies representing those parties.

This can be very difficult. Some injury law firms simply don’t take medical malpractice claims. That can leave victims of medical malpractice feeling even more discouraged, and many feel like it’s hopeless and that they’ll never get any money for their damages.

But at Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, we aren’t afraid of the hard work that goes into medical malpractice claims. It’s our goal to help those patients get maximum compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, and more.

The next time someone tells you that you can’t win your medical malpractice claim, think of us. We have a proven track record of winning claims for injured patients, and we know what it takes to win. Contact our Virginia medical malpractice lawyers today for a free consultation.

Workers’ Comp Claim Denied? Let Us Help You Appeal It.

by actuate | February 28th, 2022

Getting injured on the job isn’t just painful. It can also be disastrous for you and your family from a financial perspective. When you can’t work, you can’t earn the paychecks your loved ones depend on. Thankfully, Virginia’s workers’ compensation system helps injured workers get money for their lost wages and medical bills—but getting approved through this system is anything but guaranteed.

Unfortunately, fraud is common in workers’ compensation claims. The idea of getting paid not to work is appealing to many people, and they may make up stories about how they got hurt on the job. To combat fraud, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission (VWC) has strict criteria for overseeing, reviewing, and approving claims. However, that means that some valid claims get denied.

If your claim gets denied, it’s not the end of the road. You can appeal the VWC’s decision, but your appeal may be scrutinized even more harshly than your original application. That’s why it’s so important to have an experienced Virginia workers’ compensation lawyer on your side.

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, our team understands how the VWC reviews both applications and appeals. We know what commonly causes applications and appeals to fail, and we’ll work hard to ensure your appeal is airtight and free from errors, missing pages, incomplete information, and more.

Finally, our years of experience with workers’ compensation claims means we can minimize the amount of time you wait to get benefits. We know you need money right now, and we work smart, fast, and hard to get our clients paid. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Why Is It Difficult to Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits on Your Own?

by actuate | February 7th, 2022

Workers’ compensation is designed to help injured workers get money when they can’t work and earn paychecks. Because it’s a no-fault system, which means that almost everyone who gets hurt on the job is eligible, you might think that it’s easy to get benefits. But in reality, it can be very difficult to get approved for workers’ compensation benefits.

The biggest reason for that is to cut down on fraud. Although most injured workers simply want to get better and return to the job, some people find the idea of getting paid not to work very appealing. They may exaggerate their injuries to stay out of work and receive benefits for a longer period of time, or they may even make up false injuries to get benefits in the first place.

Because of the potential for fraud with workers’ compensation, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission is strict when reviewing and approving claims. Unfortunately, their strictness can mean that valid claims fall through the cracks and end up getting denied. Claims can be denied for many reasons, including lack of evidence, inconsistent statements, incomplete paperwork, and missing documents.

When you’re out of work, you don’t have time to submit your application only to find out that it has been denied. You need benefits right now. Having an experienced Virginia workers’ compensation lawyer on your side from day one can help you maximize your chances of getting approved and getting the benefits you need as quickly as possible.

Contact Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers today for a free consultation. It’s our goal to help you get the benefits you’re owed after a work injury.

Who Is NOT Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

by actuate | August 23rd, 2021

Because workers’ compensation is required for almost all employers in Virginia, and because it’s a no-fault benefit, which means that even people who cause their own injuries are eligible, almost everyone who gets injured on the job can apply for and receive benefits. But the key word in the last sentence is “almost.” In fact, many Virginia workers can’t get benefits.

People who may be ruled ineligible to receive workers’ compensation include:

  • People who were injured while under the influence—When workers get hurt on the job and were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they may be ineligible to receive benefits.
  • Contractors who aren’t classified as employees—Workers who are paid under 1099s are usually, but not always, exempt from receiving workers’ compensation, especially if their relationship with a business or party doesn’t qualify as an employee-employer relationship.
  • People who wait more than 30 days to report their injuries—Being eligible for workers’ compensation benefits requires prompt action and reporting injures right away. If you wait longer than 30 days after your injury to report it, your claim may be null and void.

After an on-the-job injury, it’s important to do three things right away: report it to your supervisor, seek medical attention, and call a lawyer. The sooner you do these three things, the better.

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, we know that almost all injured Virginia workers are eligible for workers’ compensation, and that’s why our lawyers work hard to get them the benefits they’re owed. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Do You Know How Many Workers’ Comp Claims Get Denied?

by actuate | June 28th, 2021

Workers’ compensation is supposed to be a cut-and-dry scenario. Because it’s a no-fault system, injured workers are supposed to be eligible for compensation even if they are at fault for their own injuries. But around 10% of all claims are denied. Although this may seem like a small number, it’s not a percentage you want to risk being part of when you’ve lost your income.

Losing out on benefits and replacement income isn’t the only thing you risk when you file a workers’ compensation claim on your own. You also risk not getting enough money or having to wait much longer than you otherwise would with a lawyer. And even if your claim is ultimately approved, it may take appealing the workers’ compensation board’s decision, which can add critical weeks or months to the process.

The longer it takes for you to get your claim approved, the longer you go without the money you need for your medical bills and daily living expenses. And unfortunately, many people whose claims are initially denied get denied again when they appeal. At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, our Virginia workers’ compensation lawyers work hard to help injured workers get approval whether they are applying for the first time or appealing a denial.

A 10% chance might seem remote initially—but it can be devastating when it happens to you. Don’t run that risk—contact us today for a free consultation. We have the knowledge, experience, and track of record of success to help you get your claim approved as quickly as possible.

What’s the Difference Between Disability and Workers’ Comp?

by actuate | April 12th, 2021

When Virginia workers get hurt and can’t do their jobs, they have two options for replacing their income: filing for disability or filing for workers’ comp. Some people think these are the same thing, but they two separate income replacement methods for people who are too hurt or sick to work.

Disability insurance is:

  • Provided by private insurance—Many employers offer disability insurance as part of their benefits packages, but it’s typically optional. Employees who don’t purchase it don’t have access to it if they can’t work.
  • For all injuries—Injured or sick workers can apply for their disability insurance benefits regardless of where their injuries occurred. That means they can get benefits even if they were injured at home.
  • For short- and long-term injuries—Disability insurance is available as both short-term and long-term coverage, the latter of which can cover employees for many years or even decades after they get hurt or sick.

Workers’ compensation is:

  • Provided by state-mandated insurance—Virginia requires that almost all employers purchase workers’ compensation for their workers. Applications are reviewed and approved by a state board called the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission.
  • For work-related injuries only—Workers’ comp only kicks in for workers when they get hurt or sick at work or during work-related activities. If their disability occurs at home or while on vacation, they won’t be covered.
  • Typically for short-term injuries—Although workers’ compensation benefits can pay out for a maximum of 500 weeks, most people go back to work much sooner than this. Workers’ comp benefits end when a worker’s doctor says he or she is recovered enough to go back to work.

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, our Virginia workers’ compensation attorneys have helped many injured workers throughout the state get benefits. Contact us for a free consultation if you were hurt at work and have questions about or need assistance with your claim.

Workers’ Comp Claim? Here’s What’s Required.

by actuate | January 18th, 2021

Getting approved for workers’ compensation after an on-the-job injury can be a lifesaver for families who depended on the injured person’s income. But because workers’ compensation can be easily abused by people looking to make easy money, most states have strict requirements and processes for getting approved—and Virginia is no different.

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission (VWCC) doesn’t approve claims or applications willy-nilly. It carefully reviews all claims and heavily scrutinizes all aspects of them. Unfortunately, that intense level of gatekeeping means that some otherwise valid claims may get rejected, especially if applicants miss a single step at any point during the process.

The VWCC’s website includes a list of things that injured workers must do to have a chance of their claims being approved, and they include:

  • Report accurate home address—You must report your residential address to the VWCC and immediately update it if you move.
  • Report injury or illness to employer within 30 days—Ideally, you should report your injury as soon as it happens. But if you wait more than 30 days, you may be ineligible for benefits.
  • Ensure that your employer has reported your injury to the VWCC—Your employer has 10 days after you report your injury to report it to the VWCC. Be sure to follow up with them to verify that it has been reported.
  • File your claim directly with the VWCC—You (or your lawyer) are responsible for filing your claim with the VWCC. Don’t let your employer handle this for you—it’s up to you to start the process!

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, our Virginia workers’ compensation lawyers know that the workers’ comp benefits process can be complex and stressful. We want to make it easier on you and your loved ones. Contact us today for a free consultation.