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Two Workers Injured As The Result Of A Norfolk Construction Accident

by | May 13th, 2013

May 13, 2013

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly 15 percent of workplace fatalities that occurred in 2011 were the result of a worker being struck by an object or equipment on a jobsite. Such an accident was responsible for leaving two men seriously injured at a Norfolk, Virginia, construction site earlier today.

Reports from WAVY-TV 10 News indicate the incident occurred at around 2:00 p.m. in the basement of the public library located on Plume Street. Julian Williamson, Battalion Chief of the Norfolk Fire and Rescue Department, explained that the victims were hanging a steel support plate in a doorway when the 700-pound slab of metal came crashing down on top of them. Both men sustained non-life threatening injuries. They were both transported to local trauma centers for further treatment.

The incident leaves man workers considering what they would do if they sustained an on-the-job injury that left them with mounting medical bills and an inability to preform their job duties. The most common way these expenses are covered is through Workers’ Compensation Benefits. Most employers are required to purchase insurance that covers the costs in the event an employee is injured on-the-job.

The Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyers with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley explain that the process to receive such benefits can be complex and confusing though. That’s why the firm suggests discussing your legal options with an attorney if you have been injured in a workplace accident that wasn’t your fault.

Norfolk Worker Hurt By Falling Bucket of Concrete

by | March 11th, 2013

March 11, 2013

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, contact with objects or equipment on a job site was responsible for roughly 15 percent of all workplace fatalities last year. This type of accident was more recently responsible for leaving a Norfolk, Virginia, construction workers seriously injured.

A story from The Virginian-Pilot stated the incident occurred on Monday, February 11, at around 5:30 p.m., at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Reports indicate the man was performing normal work duties when part of a crane failed. The failure allowed a bucket full of concrete to coming crashing down on the worker’s head, leaving him seriously injured.

The man was rushed to a local trauma center to receive treatment to his injuries and was released the following day. He is expected to make a full recovery with time.

The accident leaves many workers wondering what to do if they are involved in a workplace accident that leaves them injured.

The Norfolk Personal Injury Attorneys at the law office of Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley explain that by law, employers have a responsibility to ensure their workers have a safe and healthy environment in which to do their jobs. Any failure to do so could result in the accident being considered the fault of negligence on the employer’s behalf. Such a finding could be used in an injury victim’s favor when they go to file a Virginia Workers’ Compensation claim in connection to the incident.

Three Norfolk Employees Awarded More Than $1 Million For Injuries

by | March 4th, 2013

March 4, 2013

The railroad company, Norfolk Southern Corp., has been ordered by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to pay more than $1 million to three employees who were wrongfully terminated after suffering work-related injuries.

According to an OSHA press release, a crane operator suffered an eye injury when struck by a piece of metal while working. The company took the worker out of service following the accident and formally fired him a short time later. Norfolk Southern listed the reason for the termination as giving false statements regarding the accident.

Then, the company fired a welder and his assistant after the pair was involved in a car accident. The men were said to be riding in a company truck when another vehicle ran a red light and hit a car. The second vehicle then struck the men’s work truck. The men initially didn’t seek medical treatment, but as their shoulder pains grew, they were taken to a local hospital.

An investigation determined Norfolk Southern had terminated the men’s employment based on their reporting injuries and claimed the men would not have been let go had they not reported the injuries.

The Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyers with the law firm of Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley explain workers have a right to a healthy and safe environment in which to work. When an accident does occur, an employer has a responsibility to cover the expenses through Virginia Workers’ Compensation. Failure to provide either is against the law.

Virginia To See Changes In Worker’s Compensation Premium Rates This Year

by actuate | January 14th, 2013

January 14, 2013

It was announced Tuesday by the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) that employers may notice a change in the premium rates they pay for insurance covering Virginia Workers’ Compensation benefits. The Insurance Journal looked at how some rates would see dramatic increases, while others dropped.

The National Council on Compensation Insurance suggested the changes be made after examining injury trends among different industries in the state in recent years, which the SCC approved a short time later. The changes will cause the premiums in the surface coal mining industry to increase, while underground coal mining will see a decrease in premium levels.

Experts say the surface coal mining industry will see a 4.9 percent rise in voluntary market loss costs and assigned risk rates will skyrocket by as much as 19 percent. Meanwhile, underground coal mining will receive a drop in voluntary market loss costs of around 14.5 percent and will also get a 3.9 percent decrease in assigned risk rates.

The industrial and federal class will also see dramatic changes in rates. The changes are said to go into effect on April 1 of this year.

The Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyers with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley acknowledge how complex the process of filing for workers’ compensation benefits can be an may be able to help if you have a claim you are preparing to file or have a claim that was denied in the past.

Newport News Business Owner Seriously Burned In Accident

by actuate | November 5th, 2012

November 5, 2012

The 49-year-old owner of a Newport News, Virginia, auto repair shop was seriously injured following an accident at the business several weeks ago. The Hampton Roads Daily Press reports the incident occurred on October 15 just after 1:30 p.m. at T&B Auto Repair Center, located at 4015 Jefferson Avenue.

Acting chief for the Newport News Fire Department, Scott Liebold, stated the victim was replacing a broken fuel pump in a vehicle when a small amount of fuel was spilled and the fumes ignited, causing a flash fire to break out. The victim’s clothes caught the flame and began to burn, leaving the man with serious fire and burn injuries over a majority of his body.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that every 31 minutes, someone suffers a serious injury as the result of a fire. These accidents resulted in roughly $2.6 billion in lost productivity in 200 alone. To help prevent accidents like this from occurring at the workplace, employers are encouraged to educate employees on the dangers of fire hazards.

The Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyers with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley would also remind employers to supply workers with adequate protective gear when working under hazardous conditions. If you or someone you know was injured on the job and needs to talk to a law firm about workers’ compensation benefits, we may be able to help you.

Two Workers Suffer Burns In Norfolk Plant Flash Fire

by actuate | October 15th, 2012

October 15, 2012

Two food processing plant workers were seriously injured when they were burned in a work-related accident last week. According to the Journal-Star, the accident happened at around 1:20 p.m. Wednesday at the Henningsen Foods facility in Norfolk, Virginia.

Reports indicate a propane tank fire broke out at the facility but was quickly extinguished before firefighters could arrive. The workers were in the process of inspecting the plant’s propane system when gas spilled from a pressure release valve and was ignited by the pilot light of another machine, quickly spreading to other areas of the plant. A flash fire broke out, leaving the two workers with serious second-degree burns to their faces and arms. They were treated by local medics and released, but will likely have to file a Norfolk workers’ compensation claim to be reimbursed for their medical expenses.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics calls the manufacturing industry one of the most dangerous fields of work in the United States, accounting for 322 fatalities and 2.2 workers per 100,000 being injured last year alone.

The Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyers with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley understand the hardships that can come with being out of work at no fault of your own due to an injury. We would like to wish the two men who were hurt a speedy recovery from the burns they suffered in this accident.

Two Virginia Construction Workers Injured In Roofing Collapse

by | August 13th, 2012

August 13, 2012

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are roughly 150,000 accidents involving workers at construction sites each year. These accidents, many of which result in Norfolk workers’ compensation claims, make the construction industry one of the most dangerous jobs a person can hold.

That seems to be the case in an accident that injured two construction workers in Leesburg, Virginia, earlier today. According to CBSDC News, the incident occurred around 12:30 p.m. at Evergreen Methodist Church. Reports say that the men were part of a crew erecting the church and were working nearly 40-feet off the ground when the support beams beneath them gave way. The men plummeted to the ground and were then covered by falling debris.

Rescue crews were able to free both men so that they could be transported to a local hospital where they will remain until they recover. Investigators say that the Occupational Health and Safety Administration will likely look into the incident to ensure that all safety rules are followed. If negligence is found, the company responsible for the project could be found to be negligent.

The Norfolk personal injury lawyers with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley say that employers have a responsibility to provide their workers with a safe environment in which to do their jobs and would suggest exploring your legal rights if you have been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence.


Three Former Norfolk Railway Employees Awarded $800,000 For Wrongful Terminations

by | July 16th, 2012

July 16, 2012

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently ordered the Norfolk, Virginia-based freight train company, Norfolk Southern Railway Co., to pay more than $800,000 in damages to three former employees who were fired after they filed Norfolk Workers’ Compensation claims. According to EHS Today, the company is also being forced to pay more than $500,000 in punitive damages.

The fines are in response to three cases of wrongful termination after an employee was injured. The first accident occurred on August 14 2009 when an employee was injured after being struck by a company vehicle. The employee filed an injury claim and was fired a short time later for improper performance of job duties.

Just seven months later, another worker was fired after filing an injury claim stemming from a fall, on the grounds that the claims were falsified. The company attempted the same tactic with another employee in July 2010, just days after declaring him an excellent worker for never having missed a day of work due to injury.

A closer look at the cases by OSHA investigators uncovered the flaws and resulted in the awarded damages.

The Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyers with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley would encourage anyone who is injured while working at no fault of their own to report the injury to OSHA. Then, it is vital that you only discuss your case with an experienced attorney from that point on.

Virginia Logger Killed In On-The-Job Accident

by actuate | March 12th, 2012

March 12, 2012

The Virginia Department of Labor is investigating an on-the-job accident that left a logger dead in New Kent County Thursday morning. According to reports from WVEC 13 News, the accident happened near the New Kent Highway near Quinton, Virginia, just west of Tunstall Road.

The New Kent County Sheriff’s Department, along with fire and rescue squads, reported receiving a call from a man who was screaming for help in the area. By the time they arrived at the scene, it was too late, as they found the body of the victim pinned beneath a large limb of a tree.

They were able to determine that the body was that of a 61-year-old Brodnax man who owned his own tree service. They believe he was working alone in the area when the large branch fell and crushed him.

The combination of heavy equipment, powerful tools, heavy ropes and cables, and the uncertain nature of the work can cause even the most experienced loggers to become seriously injured. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that the fatality rate for loggers in the U.S. is over 16 times higher than the overall fatality rate for all other workers in the U.S. in 2008. The findings have led to stiffer industry safety regulations in recent years.

The Virginia Wrongful Death Lawyers with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley would like to send their condolences to the family of the victim of this tragic accident.

First Lady Announces In Battling Brain Injuries In Soldiers

by actuate | January 16th, 2012

January 16, 2012

With the war in Iraq officially coming to an end just weeks ago, many soldiers returning home are suffering undiagnosed brain injuries. In an effort to combat the growing problem, WAVY-TV 10 News reports that First Lady Michelle Obama announced a partnership last Wednesday that will promote and cultivate better prevention and care of traumatic brain injuries for soldiers.

Among the most common mental injuries in soldiers is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a severe anxiety disorder that develops after experiencing a traumatic event.

Dr. Serina Neumann, a doctor at the Eastern Virginia School of Medicine, hopes that her study into better care for PTSD sufferers may benefit from the partnership. She says that PTSD is caused by off-balance circuits in the brain.  This led her to conduct ground-breaking research and produce a device she hopes will become a standard in treatment of the disorder.

The device stimulates certain sections of the brain, thus balancing the off-balance circuits of a PTSD victim’s brain. If approved, her study will begin with 10 to 18 patients.

The Department of Veterans Affairs reports 10-18 percent of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans may suffer from PTSD. However, claims from veterans for disability benefits due to the condition are often denied.

The Virginia Veteran’s Disability attorneys with Lowell “The Hammer” Stanley understand that suffering from PTSD can be as debilitating as losing a leg or an arm. If you have been denied veterans disability benefits, contact them today for a free initial consultation.