Why Do You Need a Lawyer after a Dog Bite Injury?

by actuate | June 25th, 2018

At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, we know that many dog bite victims are hesitant to pursue injury claims after being hurt by other people’s animals.

In many cases, victims may not believe their injuries are serious enough to warrant filing claims for compensation, while others may not want to press the matter—especially if they know the owner of the dog that bit them.

But dog bite injuries can be serious, even if they don’t appear that way in the hours or days after they occur. It’s common for dog bites to cause infections and damage to nerve and tendons, and the complications can cause victims to become permanently disabled.

Having an experienced Norfolk dog bite lawyer on your side from day one can protect your rights. When you contact us, you can count on our legal team to:

  • Prove that the dog that bit you wasn’t properly restrained—Virginia’s dog ordinances require that dogs be properly restrained or leashed when they’re in public or in areas where they could pose threats to others. We can investigate the attack and collect evidence that proves the dog’s owner failed to abide by city or local ordinances.
  • Prove that the bite caused your injuries—Proving that a dog wasn’t enclosed or leashed isn’t always enough to get a favorable outcome—insurance companies also want proof that the dog bite caused severe pain, suffering, or disability. We’ll use medical records and even expert testimony to conclusively link your injuries to the bite.

The longer you wait to get an attorney on your side, the more difficult it may be to find crucial evidence. Call today for a free consultation.