Neglect Can Be Just as Harmful as Abuse for Nursing Home Residents

by actuate | December 10th, 2018

The thought of your loved one being abused by a medical professional or staff member at his or her nursing home is horrifying. Many people with loved ones living in nursing homes share that worry, and that means they’re often on high alert for signs of physical or mental abuse when they visit their family members.

However, neglect can be more difficult to detect, but it can also have seriously detrimental effects on the health and happiness of nursing home residents. Common types of neglect include:

  • Neglect of primary needs—Residents may be deprived of basic needs like food, water, and a clean room, bed, and clothing. Weight loss, dehydration, or unsanitary conditions may be blamed on the resident or his or her medical conditions.
  • Neglect of medical needs—Many nursing home residents suffer from health conditions that require frequent treatment and evaluation. When residents are victims of neglect, they may receive their medication sporadically or go days without it, and they may be deprived of the medical care they need from doctors and specialists.
  • Neglect of personal needs—It’s important for nursing home residents to feel like they’re part of the community. When residents are left alone for long periods of time or aren’t allowed to participate in activities, their mental health may suffer.

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