Betrayed by Your Employer

by actuate | June 5th, 2017

Whatever happened to taking care of your own? That’s a question injured workers over the years have asked our workers’ compensation attorneys, and it’s a fair one. They feel betrayed by their employers after their accident. They expected that all of their medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs they’ve incurred from their injuries would be covered by workers’ compensation, but that’s not how it shaped out. Instead, the injured worker and their families are having to pick up a lot of the cost, and in our opinion, that’s not okay.

Bringing a successful workers’ comp claim against an employer or their insurance company can be difficult on your own. The key is understanding your rights as an injured worker in Virginia and then refusing to take any less than you rightfully deserve. That can take a great deal of courage when bills are already coming in. The financial pressure alone may cause you to make the wrong decision, not to mention the fear of losing your job if you don’t toe the line.

The Norfolk workers’ compensation attorneys at Lowell Stanley know your rights as an injured worker and won’t let you be intimidated into a bad decision by your employer or their insurance company. You and your family are going to need maximum compensation for your injuries, and that’s exactly what we’re going to go after. Contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation. We’re ready to help.