Injured at Work? Contact a Lawyer.

by actuate | February 4th, 2019

Almost all Virginia employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance in the event that their employees get sick or hurt on the job and temporarily can’t work. Because missing even a single paycheck can be devastating for many families, that insurance is designed to provide a safety net for workers whose health prevents them from earning the wages that their loved ones depend on.

But in an effort to make sure only people who truly need the benefits are allowed to get them, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission has developed strict criteria for approving claims. Its strict guidelines and review process mean that many valid claims get denied for minor mistakes and oversights, leaving injured employees with no recourse for recovering their lost wages.

The Virginia workers’ compensation attorneys at Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers know how important claims are to injured workers and how vital it is for them to get approved the first time around. Our years of experience building and submitting workers’ compensation claims for injured employees throughout the state means that we know exactly what the commission looks for when it reviews claims.

Don’t take any chances when it comes to getting the money you and loved ones need during this difficult time. Get our experienced legal team on your side today. Call us for a free consultation to find out how we may be able to help.