Who Gets Compensation in Wrongful Death Cases?

by actuate | August 14th, 2017

Losing a loved one is devastating. Every member of a family, regardless of age or relationship, can be deeply affected by the death of someone they’re close to, and the loss they’re grieving can be even more intense and painful if the death was due to someone else’s negligence.

In addition to the emotional challenges, surviving family members also often face financial challenges, especially if the deceased was the primary income-earner.

When a family files a wrongful death lawsuit against the person or party who may have been responsible for the death, the following people may be entitled to damages:

  • Spouses – In addition to receiving compensation for lost income, a surviving spouse can also file a claim and receive damages due to lost companionship and for the pain and suffering they experienced after their loved one’s death.
  • Children – Children who are under the age of 18 can receive compensation for the loss of a parent, as they have been deprived of comfort and support that they need during their formative years.
  • Parents – Losing a child is one of the hardest things any parent will face in life, and they can file claims for compensation for the emotional trauma they experienced and the loss of their relationship with their child.

These parties also may be eligible to receive additional compensation via punitive damages if the person or party responsible for their loved one’s death acted recklessly.

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