Do You Have a Wrongful Death Claim?

by actuate | May 20th, 2019

If your loved one died because of another person’s or party’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. At Lowell Stanley Injury Lawyers, we fight for the rights of people who were hurt in auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, and other types of accidents through no fault of their own. It’s our goal to help them get maximum compensation for their accident-related expenses, including their medical bills and lost wages.

We do the same for surviving family members when their loved ones die in preventable accidents or due to negligence-related injuries. The expenses associated with the death of a loved one can be overwhelming, especially if the decedent was the primary income earner for the household. In addition, families may also have to pay for expensive medical procedures and funeral costs. When those costs are combined, they may be too much for a single family to bear.

We believe that surviving family members shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket when another party’s negligence results in the death of their loved one. However, we also know that wrongful death claims are often legally complex and require a thorough understanding of Virginia’s laws and ample evidence.

Don’t trust just any law firm after your loved one’s wrongful death. Get in touch with our Norfolk legal team today for a free consultation to find out how we can help your family.